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ZETA Is Changing The World, One Charge At A Time

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This may corme across to you as a super generic blog post, but truly, electric cars are really revolutionizing the marketplace. They’re making streets less polluted by smog, they’re encouraging clean air initiatives and just making cooler cars out of an originally dorky concept. Furthermore, it turns out some of the top names in modern transportation are joining forces. All in the pursuit of keeping love for electric cars abuzz. These following automakers / rideshare companies are making a difference: Lucid Motors, Rivian, Uber and Tesla, plus many more. What are they really doing exactly? Well, they’ve just started a coalition to lobby on to the bigwigs of the U.S. government. It’s also known as the Zero Emission Transportation Association. Otherwise known as ZETA.

ZETA vows to have 100% of new car sales to be electric by 2030.

This may be news to many states. But as it turns out, new cars were already going to be all-electric by then in states like California. Or at least, by 2035. In New Jersey, they’re also bubbling with joy in the likelihood of having all new car sales be electric by then.

ZETA themselves? They aren’t going to force states to have residents only buy Electric Cars. But at the very least, they’re going to support policies to encourage selling mostly electric cars.

President-Elect Joe Biden is driving to make 1 million more jobs in the auto sector. In addition to helping us in the U.S. and encouraging America to lead the world in Electric Cars, he wants to lead their creation.

Other companies that are part of ZETA include Lordstown, Piedmont Lithium, PG&E, Con Edison, Siemens, Redwood Materials, Enel X and the Albermarle Corporation.

In the past, it has been difficult for the Alliance for Automotive Innovation to find sacred ground in President Donald Trump’s battle with California over strict emission rules.

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