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XPeng Stock Is Going Up! Better To Invest In AV Versus EV

You are currently viewing XPeng Stock Is Going Up! Better To Invest In AV Versus EV
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XPeng has the market covered. With their stocks skyrocketing you’d have to be a total idiot not to invest. They have been advancing the agenda on autonomous vehicles for a long while and it’s just about time that these guys get the respect that they deserve. Just look at the past year of how strong the endorsement the call really has been tremendous. Just look at how Chinese EV maker NIO has sprouted to more than 1000% of their shares while Tesla has only gone up a measly 640%. XPeng right now is a catalyst buy because of how often the company itself has invested in self-driving capabilities. When a stock will rise soon, XPeng will already go up 164%, as it has within the past three months alone. This likely follows positive media and good investor feedback from test drives.

Furthermore, XPeng has divulged details on its Navigation Guided Pilot, likely to be a part of the driver-assistance feature package, which the company has called XPILOT 3.0. They’re offering XPILOT 2.5 on the vehicles currently. The XPilot 3.0 is to be recognized as the best in autonomous-driving features. It’s signal has even been capable of working in adverse weather conditions, roads filled with complexities and zero GPS signal.

XPeng has shares being bought with a $58 price target.

Chinese EV stocks are just too pricey, as it turns out. Not the best call, but a call nonetheless that will go down in history somehow. EV companies like NIO, XPeng, and Li Auto have seen their fair share of shares rise 39%, 16%, and 9% respectively. During the same time span, Tesla stock has gone up 45%.

If that isn’t supposed to be impressive, then I don’t quite know what is anymore. But keep in mind that autonomous vehicles are always going in the direction that we dictate them to. Electric or not.

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