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Volkswagen Bus Through The Years: How The Later Models Electrify

You are currently viewing Volkswagen Bus Through The Years: How The Later Models Electrify
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I was writing a different piece when I came to the realization that Volkswagen has certainly been trying to reboot the good old Volkswagen Bus for a while now! They had a couple more types after Type 1, sure, but look at these electrical models! (Or I shouldn’t be so generic, as some of them were gas-powered.) However, I think it’s important to take a look at some of the more recent models. After all, most of these newer ones have striking qualities about themselves. So why not analyze them and take a look at how incredible the recent times give us?

Microbus (2001)

This particular model had sliding doors, motorized to open and close automatically. There’s also Xenon headlights and 20-inch wheels, which isn’t standard fare in the industry. There’s something traditional about these front-wheel-drive minivans that has made the model push for greater innovation.

Bulli (2011)

Not too far off the essence of the Kombi, this Volkswagen Bus gave off a flexible seating for six, an 85 kilowatt electric motor and an Nm torque of 260. But at the time it was much too familiar to the Genevan ancestry of yesteryear. Who’d think that things would lead to more of a front-end experience? Certainly not me or my Bulli-s!

BUDD-E (2016)

The Budd-E was maybe the most ambitious concept to date. Using a battery enabling a chemical process with “significant gain” in efficiency, it looked great. It could even hit 60 mph in 6.9 seconds, with a top speed of 112 mph. On top of that, the innards are quite spacious for this modular electric drive kit platform.

ID Buzz (2017)

The latest and greatest in this glorified excuse of a Wikipedia article, the ID Buzz is actually a concept car slated to start production in 2022. It’s designed to reduce clutter, with a full-width dashboard, gear selection and indicators, housed inside the rectangular steering wheel. Additionally, the ID Buzz has a four-wheel drive, with each motor giving off 201 bhp. It will also be able to travel on a zero-emissions range of 372 miles per charge.

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