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USDOT Grants Ports Across the Country $703 Million

You are currently viewing USDOT Grants Ports Across the Country $703 Million
The USDOT grants should help prevent containers from sitting for too long in port.
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The U.S. supply chain has rightfully received a lot of attention since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic laid bare the many problems with how our supply chain functions. From truckers left out to dry to severely underpaid warehouse and port workers, America’s supply chain was not helping many. Port infrastructure was also a major issue, with America’s ports aging rapidly and falling into unfortunate disrepair. Last month, the USDOT took steps to help America’s ports with over $703 million in infrastructure grants.

The grants will go towards port projects in 22 states and one territory, American Samoa. 41 projects in total will have access to these federal funds. The largest single project is in Anchorage, Alaska, a nearly $69 million grant for help extending the port north. Other large grants will go to places like Honolulu, Staten Island, and Oakland.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said that the USDOT intends the funds to go towards port capacity, climate resilience, and efficiency, among other areas of improvement. Ports in the U.S. account for a ton of the country’s carbon emissions, with one study noting that just three ports pump 100 tons of smog into the air every day. With the Biden Administration trying to center climate change in its policies, ports were a natural target for improvement.

USDOT Grants Cleveland-Cuyahoga Port Authority $27 Million

The Port of Cleveland will get one of the largest grants in the Great Lakes region. This $27 million investment will go towards a variety of modernization projects for the port, most notably for the 144,000-square-foot Warehouse A. It will also help the Port of Cleveland electrify much of its infrastructure and improve its stormwater collection.

These USDOT grants will help America’s ports move into the 21st century. America’s infrastructure has long struggled to keep up with the country’s demands, whether due to aging roads and bridges or to inefficient and old ports. These grants, which are part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, are great first steps towards helping America’s ports keep up with the demands of its economy.

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