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Truck Drivers Saving Lives – 35 Years Later

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The Accident

This November marks the 35th anniversary of a young 17-year old woman’s horrific accident on Interstate 40 in Tennessee. That day, 10 semi-truck drivers came together to help save her life. None of them were medically trained. However, they followed their instincts to save precious time and keep the woman calm and alert before medical personnel arrived.


The woman’s name was Gracie Parker (now Gracie Rosenberger). The lead trucker of the group that day noticed her speed past and then slump over the steering wheel. Gracie’s car swerved back and forth before finally crashing. The lead trucker notified others of the dangerous driving activity. The drivers created a barricade so other drivers could not go through and possibly get hurt. When her car crashed, it flew and flipped before landing in the bed of a creek. They noticed it there, burning. The truckers all pulled over, called for help, and ran to her with fire extinguishers.


They put out the fire. Noticing her horrific wounds, the drivers asked her questions to keep her alert. They provided comfort and security while waiting for help to arrive. These truck driver heroes helped prevent worse injuries for Gracie and got her the help she needed.


Giving Back

Gracie has faced gruesome medical treatments and struggles since the accident. She’s had 80 operations, both legs amputated, and other treatments. But, despite the injuries she faced, she and her husband, Peter Rosenberger, have taken their struggles and used them for good.


Peter leads the organization Standing With Hope, hosts a radio show for caregivers, and is the author of the book Hope for the Caregiver. The two collaborated to write Gracie’s story in a book entitled Gracie Standing With Hope. Gracie spends time helping other amputees and people with disabilities.


The truck drivers gave their hearts and their help that day. Now, Gracie and Peter give theirs. Without those 10 truckers’ help that day 35 years ago, who knows what might have happened?


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