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Toyota Supra A91-CF Of 2022 Is A Carbon Fiber Fantasy Come True

You are currently viewing Toyota Supra A91-CF Of 2022 Is A Carbon Fiber Fantasy Come True
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Hip-Hip-Hooray, for Toyota! They have yet another new member of the family, thanks to the Toyota Supra. It happens to be part of a new edition, the A91-CF which posseses limited run-carbon fiber trimmings and also 19-inche matte wheels that are the color black. Did we mention that there are Brembo brakes? Because there are Brembo brakes! Unfortunately, there may only be about 600 of these A91-CF Supras available for a time in North America. The vehicle itself is looking to share characteristics alongside the non-special six-cylinder Supra. This is to enter the 2022 model year which goes unchanged besides having powertrain tweaks in the 2021 model year, which increased power to the 382 horsepower.

This includes the 3.0 Premium trim as well. Also, there are heated seats you can just melt into if you felt so compelled. This edition of the Supra comes in Nitro Yellow, Phantom Matte Grey, and the Absolute Zero. Furthermore, the A91-CF Supra comes equipped with a two-tone leather and Alcantara interior of red and black. It’s worth mentioning there are 19-inch matte black wheels. The 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine gives off the type of reliability you would expect from a vehicle giving off all that power in eight-speed.

At this point, no one knows what Toyota is thinking

There’s not yet a price about the Supra, which may be rumored to enter the ring at about $58,000. Is it worth detailing that Toyota wants to allow everyone who has the 2022 Supra a one-year membership to the National Auto Sport Association? Because I figure it is. Check out the Supra for all it’s big perks to approach dealerships sooner than you anticipate. If you know anything about nice cars, you, therefore, know that you can’t just look at the Toyota Supra here and not hold your hand out from below your mouth to prevent your jaw-dropping.

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