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Towpath Ribbon Cut, Virtually, Opening 3rd Stage Of Trail

You are currently viewing Towpath Ribbon Cut, Virtually, Opening 3rd Stage Of Trail
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CLEVELAND, OH – After months of construction, the Towpath Trail welcomes a third completed segment to their park. A virtual ribbon cutting ceremony takes place, in respect to the corona virus pandemic.

Did you like hiking anywhere specific? For me, I loved the Oakland Nature Preserve. It wasn’t terribly too far from my parents’ home in Florida. The crunch of the grass, the breeze in the trees, the stillness of a forbidden lake. It was enjoyable for me to visit. In fact, I made a documentary about the Preserve. For no other reason besides to complete my Eagle Rank for Boy Scouts.

Certainly, Cleveland can understand with the excitement of the ribbon cutting. Even if it is virtual, it’s still exciting to see Towpath expand.

Cuyahoga County | September 14th,2020

The latest addition made official by the ribbon cutting ceremony is a 1.9 mile expansion of recreational trail. It lies between different parts of the neighborhood. From Tremont to Clark Fields, it brings a type of city culture closer together to hike uncharted paths.

Cleveland’s cut of Towpath is almost 6 miles long. It’s four stages have been undergoing construction for ten years on. 101 more miles of recreational trail connects to Towpath, by way of the 1832 Ohio & Erie Canal.

However, many environmental issues were challenging for the construction crew in completing the phase. Financially, the price tag has broken through $50 million dollars. Similarly, multiple properties fell under acquisition.

Special features of Stage 3 vary. From sculpted mounts south of Interstate 490 with panoramic views to the onion domes of the St. Theodosius Orthodox Cathedral of Tremont.

Projected to finish in 2021, Stage 4 is the final area to complete for Towpath. This ultimate expansion will complete areas of Canal Basin Park, located on the Columbus Road Peninsula.

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