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Tips to Drive Safely in the Spring

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Potholes are prominent in the spring.
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Spring is rapidly approaching so now is the time to make sure you are ready for the seasonal changes you need to make in your life. These changes can all depend on you as a person as well as where specifically you live, but there are some across the board changes to make as well. Some of these changes lie in one’s driving practices. Spring roads are different than winter roads, so you must adjust to make sure you keep your driving as safe as possible. Here are tips to stay safe on the road this spring season!

Anticipate the Rain

Spring in most places means an increase in rain. If you live in a place guaranteed to have a rainy spring, like most parts of Ohio, then make sure you are prepared for the rain. Make sure your tires have good tread on them and that you have wiper blades in good condition!

Be Prepared for Sun Glare

Sun glare can be brutal and blinding while driving. It is usually at its peak around sunrise and sunset, so, if possible, avoid driving at those times. If that is not possible, keep a pair of sunglasses in your car to be used as needed. Keep your windshield clean as well; dust and dirt can worsen sun glare.

Be Aware of Potholes

Potholes love to come out of hiding in the spring. They often are formed or worsened in the winter and most extreme in the spring so make sure you keep an eye on the road for these to avoid doing major damage to your car.

Look Out for Increased Animal Activity

Just like humans like the weather changes that happen in spring, animals do too. Make sure you avoid causing an accident with an animal because you are not aware of your surroundings. Animals like to appear out of nowhere, so drive around at the ready for an animal at any moment in the spring.

Pay Attention to Your Health

Spring allergies hit and sometimes they can hit you hard. Be aware and cautious when it comes to your health as this can largely affect your driving.

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