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This is Why Ohio Truckers Support Gas Tax

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Lately, many individuals have been criticizing Governor DeWine for implementing a higher gas tax. But, why aren’t truckers? In fact, the Ohio Trucking Association approves of the gas tax and even supported the governor before he implemented it.

Why would truckers support such a tax that affects the costs of their businesses? Because the gas tax increase goes to a good cause that will eventually help truckers. Before DeWine came into office, Ohio’s infrastructure funding was dangerously low. The Governor took on the challenge of mending the infrastructure crisis. He created a committee to deal with this infrastructure. Then, the committee came up with the new tax.

The Ohio Trucking Association, one of the first to support the increased fuel tax, supported the committee. This association represents over 1,000 companies in the trucking and logistics industry. As a result of their support, the increased gas tax was the preferred solution. Interestingly, this method is the most efficient, it is constitutionally required to go to roads and bridges, and it’s paid by those in the trucking industry. Also, the tax is based on where they use the fuel not where it’s purchased. This fee is a user-based fee.

Do We Need a Gas Tax?

Essentially, the trucking industry needs high-quality roads and bridges to operate effectively. If truckers are operating and transporting at full capacity, Ohio’s overall economy will improve. Raising the gas tax as an alternative to charging taxpayers directly for infrastructure is an effective solution. It is the best way to improve state and local roadways.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with the trucking association and think that increasing the fuel tax is a good idea? Or, would you prefer not to increase taxes on fuel in the state of Ohio? You can leave a comment below or contact us with what you think about it!

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  1. Brian

    As a trucker I don’t agree. The current tax at the pump is too high. IFTA, Anual truck-trailer registration,HUT,UCR. Where is all this money going?Why should we foot the bill for local and state government mismanagement.

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