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The Unique Challenges of Heavy Hauling

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Not all auto shipments are created equal. Sometimes, a vehicle gets so large that it qualifies for heavy hauling. These shipments come with a unique set of challenges that go beyond just getting a heavy-duty truck to haul them. The experts at Cleveland Car Transport know what needs to happen for heavy hauls to go off without a hitch. Here are some of the challenges that heavy haulers face, and how they overcome them.

Getting quality equipment

Firstly, heavy haulers need to make sure they have the right equipment to complete a job. This refers to both the hauling tractor and the trailer that holds the load. Usually, heavy hauls necessitate the use of heavy-duty tractors for hauling, as they require greater hauling power. However, the tractor is also quite important. Many overweight loads are also overdimensional in some way, be that in length, width, or height. There are a variety of trailers that are made for these specific purposes, like step deck trailers for overheight loads. These trailers have a lower deck, which allows extremely tall loads to pass under overpasses. It’s up to the heavy hauler to get whatever equipment the load needs and make sure it’s in good working order.

Planning a safe route

One thing that makes a heavy hauler’s job more challenging than a regular hauler is route planning. Most regular hauls can simply take the most efficient route to a given destination, but the rules are different for heavy hauls. Often, different states or counties will have different regulations for heavy hauls that restrict their movement during certain times of day or even completely. So, it’s up to the hauling company to know what regulations it needs to comply with. Furthermore, some efficient routes require significant elevation gains that may not be feasible for a heavy load to make. Hauling companies like ours know about these route planning challenges and have experience finding good solutions for them.

Obtaining the right permits

Finally, the hauler must know what permits they need. Most heavy hauls, unsurprisingly, require overweight permits to be legally compliant while hauling, but they often need other permits as well. There are specific permits required for loads that are too long, too wide, or too tall. Some loads are so heavy that they require superload permits, which are the extra-large equivalent of oversize permits. Heavy haulers and their companies must know which permits are required for which jurisdictions and obtain them in advance of the haul. For this reason, you should only trust professional heavy haulers like us to complete your heavy hauls!

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