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Stimulus Projects Approved by City Council Worth $15 Million

You are currently viewing Stimulus Projects Approved by City Council Worth $15 Million
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The stimulus money that is federally funded has been approving for four community and economic development projects that were part of Mayor Frank Jackson’s omnibus plan for spending in the Midwest state.

Stimulus Projects for Housing Developments, Residential Treatment Facility and More

There are projects which do include $8 million for a housing development at 9410 Hough Avenue; $3 million for the Allen Estates housing development; $2 million for a new Hitchock Center for Women residential treatment facility; and $2 million for NEON Health Services.

Stimulus Projects: Council Members Votes Against NEON Proposal

Council members Jenny Spencer, Charles Slife, Kerry McCormack, and Mike Polensek voted against the NEON proposal. Also, Spencer, Slife, and McCormack also voting against the 9410 Hough legislation.

Initially listed as the “strategic development” portion of Jackson’s plan were the projects. Thus,those were for allocating $44.5 million in American Rescue Plan dollars toward community development. Moreover, the mayor’s plan did also call for $25.5 million for economic development. Plus $10.3 million for “other” development. Additionally $15 million for demolition and $26.6 million for public safety.

The Cleveland City Council has approving legislation last week. It was to authorize Jackson’s plan for public safety. Therefore, since some council members have been to seek in the process of ordering ambulances and thus also other vehicles.

Standalone Pieces of Legislation

City leaders have quietly introduced standalone pieces of legislation. This has occurred in recent weeks. There are several proposals in Jackson’s original plan. On Monday, the Council’s Committee of the Whole heard the new legislation for the first time. However, it has heard multiple presentations on these projects over the last few months.

The Projects are Listed below:

9410 Hough Avenue – $8 million: The American Rescue Plan money would help developers cover the cost to renovate a condemned apartment building in the Hough neighborhood restoring its low-income housing.

Allen Estates – $3 million: The money would help pay to construct a building with 72 apartments and storefront space in the Hough neighborhood.

Hitchcock Center for Women – $2 million: The city’s stimulus money would go toward a $9.4 million project to construct a new residential treatment facility on Ansel Road in the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood.

NEON – $2 million: The stimulus money would go toward the Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, or NEON, mostly for $1.4 million in programs including mental health services and more.

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