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Shipping Your Vehicle With Open or Enclosed

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This truck would be used for enclosed auto transportation.
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When you ship any vehicle, for any reason, with Cleveland Car Transport, you have the option to ship your vehicle with either our open or our enclosed auto transportation services. With either service we provide door-to-door delivery, expedited delivery, and a 100% safety guarantee! That means that no matter what, when your vehicle is in our hands, your vehicle is in the hands of the best auto transportation provider around! This means that ultimately which shipping method you decide to go with really just depends on your preferences for your vehicle. Here is all that you need to know about each shipping method so that you can make the best decision around!

What do I need to know about open air auto transportation?

With our open air auto transportation service, you vehicle is shipped on a truck that has a trailer that most often has two platforms, allowing for two layers of vehicles to be shipped. Each truck typically carries an average of about eight vehicles. Through various ways, of strapping and securing, your vehicle is held tightly to the trailer. These are all required so that your vehicle does not move back and forth while on the trailer, nor does it fall off the trailer, given that there are no walls surrounding the vehicle. The only platform/wall-like thing is below your vehicle, but nothing is on the side of it while being shipped with open air. Rather, your vehicle is exposed to the open air, hence the name!

This auto transportation method is always marked as the best price, making it our best selling service! The only “con” to this shipping method is that your vehicle, being out in the open, is exposed to natural elements, such as rain, snow, wind, etc. However, these are all things that your car is exposed to when you drive it anyway, so no risk is posed to your vehicle!

If you would feel more comfortable with your car not being exposed to the weather, then you should book our enclosed auto transportation service!

With enclosed auto transportation, your vehicle is shipped in a fully enclosed trailer. Much like moving trucks, your vehicle is essentially placed in a box on wheels. This keeps your vehicle fully away from natural weather elements, such as rain and wind. Because of this, the price is a bit higher for this service. Most often, people who are shipping luxury vehicles, sports cars, vintage cars, etc., opt for this service. With that said, anyone can ship any vehicle with enclosed auto transportation, it just depends on preference!

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