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Bank Robber Gives Teller Note with Name On It

You are currently viewing Bank Robber Gives Teller Note with Name On It
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CLEVELAND, OHIO – A man accused by Cleveland Police of robbing a local bank was identified and apprehended by officers. As luck would have it for the Cleveland Police Department, the note the bank robber suspect offered the teller demanding money also had his name and address written on it.

According to the Cleveland Police Department, Michael Harrell, 54, presented a note which outlined demands for the teller to give him money at the U.S. Bank located at 7993 Euclid Avenue. The incident went down at around 11:15 in the morning.

Detectives go on to say the teller, as is protocol, complied with the suspect’s demands. She turned over what amounted to an undetermined pile of cash, hoping the suspect would quickly flee. In this case, the suspect did exit the bank without incident.

The FBI official appointed to this particular case did validate that the note provided by the suspect had his name and address on the rear of it. Certainly, it was a good piece of fortune for the prospects of catching the robber. And it did, in fact, help accelerate the investigation. Harrell was captured by the Cleveland Police Department later that day.

Any updates on the case will be provided as they become available.

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