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Prepare Your Car the Right Way to be Shipped

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Add-ons like this rack would need to be removed.
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The next time you move and opt to have your vehicle shipped using our auto transportation services, follow this guide to discover all of the ways in which you can prepare your vehicle for shipping in the right way!

Wash Your Car

Washing your car is actually an incredibly important first step. Before shipping, you want to thoroughly look over your car to identify any damage that may exist on your car prior to shipping. From this, it is important to keep note of what, if any, damage you do notice to your car. When you pick up your car after shipping it, you will want to once again thoroughly look over your vehicle and check/compare any damage. If you notice anything new has appeared that you did not report prior to shipping, let us know. Washing your car as the first step to your shipping process will allow you to get an accurate depiction of your car to make this part of the process much easier.

Remove Unnecessary Add-Ons

If you have any external add-ons to your car, unless they are 100% necessary, we suggest you remove them. This would be any sort of additional antenna, satellite, bike racks, ski racks, etc. Essentially, if it was something you added on, we suggest you remove it.

Clean Out the Interior

Cleaning out the interior of your car is very important. Any loose items in your car poses a risk to the interior of your car. Your vehicle could be damaged by things banging around, so we suggest eliminating that risk and fully removing everything that you are able to remove. If you are unable to remove certain items/do not want to remove certain items, we suggest securing everything as much as possible.

Check Car Levels

It is best to be aware of the condition of your car before shipping. We suggest you check the oil level of your car, tire pressure, coolant level, etc. You also want to make sure your car has around 1/8 to 1/4 full tank of gas. This is the sweet spot of having enough gas for emergencies but not too much to weigh down too much or pose serious risk.

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