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Port X Logistics Founder Brian Kempisty Is Unifying The Drayage Market

You are currently viewing Port X Logistics Founder Brian Kempisty Is Unifying The Drayage Market
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Trucking in zooming in with high trucking rates. Even with the catastrophe that’s been 2020 in blindsight, trucking rates have still hit their peak retail season. This has been the case since the summer. It’s all in a greater effort and therefore, for the greater good to replenish stocks. The e-commerce giant Amazon is moving Prime day to the 14th. Meanwhile, Harbor Trucker Association assumes 10,000 drayage drivers. Everyone is peaking with their own contribution to continuity of the logistics service. The same stays true for Brian Kempisty and his business, Port X Logistics. They were featured on the Monday episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? It’s a talk show featured on FreightWaves on which he speaks with Booner and The Dude.

“We knew the standard operating procedures that were going to be imperative, and one of the things in the drayage world; communicate, communicate, communicate and always be proactive.” said Kempisty.

Turvo and Port X

Port X has joined forces with Turvo, a collaboration technology which is capable of sending customers alerts when seaworthy vessels are in the water. From there, the container is removed from the ship and becomes able to retrieve.

“All of those things would be done by our customers, which are generally the larger freight forwarders in the market,” affirms Kempisty. “We’re taking all that off their plate. When the container gets back to our warehouse, we can post photos of the transload to Turvo.”

Port X guarantees no demurrage fees for customers, should they provide the delivery three days – or 72 hours – before the vessel’s arrival.

Timothy Dooner, when asking Kempisty about aspirations regarding the fourth quarter of 2020, was met with this response: “People are going to look for alternatives on how to avoid some of that congestion and get faster sailings from Asia.”

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