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Porsche Cayenne Gets A Makeover for 2024

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Porsche is producing a brand new car for 2024! I bet that doesn’t surprise you. What probably would surprise you is how this mid-cycle refresh of the 2024 model is more than just a touchup on the facias it’s more than just a reconstruct ring of the radiator it’s more than just giving it a new set of white wall tires. No, this is the wave of the future and if you don’t get on now, Porsche might never open the door for you again.

Regardless of the changes in the cosmetics, the new 2024 Porsche Cayenne has so many more new features for you to enjoy. To begin with, the car in question has been given a rattle can black paint job, as well as carefully taped tail lights and even bug-eyed headlights accessories. To note how much brighter the cars LED headlights and tail lights are is to see perfection. One striking aspect to note is how the large in diameter the tires have been made. Even an inch larger than before, seeing how they were 30 to begin with and now they’re 31 inches.

What else makes this Porsche Cayenne different?

In addition to the facial and cosmetic changes, the new 2024 Porsche Cayenne comes standard with adaptive dampers of the PASM variety as well as air sprung springs with three chambers to give Cayenne‘s the extra bounce. Also, there’s a lot  more delicate control to dampen from the selection within drivers mode. Now let’s talk about the powertrain. It has been revamped for better torque overall. This can be noted at the base cayenne’s 3.0 L turbo V6 engine as it increases by 14 hp. Totaling out in 349 ponies. With this spike in torque, you can notice how the jump from 332 to 369 pound feet displays with an 11% upgrade. At this time, it may be very apparent that the TwinTurbo V8 will absolutely create even more powder to push when the 651 hp increases 20 fold.

Probably, the most noticeable difference has to do with the revamp of the electrical only change range. This allows for expanded EV mode persistence as well as better miles per gallon. All for the internal combustion engine, which as far as the efficiency goes, can only increase. This is evident in the EPA ratings as the WLTP ratings are sure to be made available soon. The current electric range is only 17 miles. So there’s not a likelihood that it will double in the states but in Europe there’s a big chance that it will absolutely increase.

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