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Police Investigation: Is Famous Cleveland Reporter’s Death a Homicide?

Police Investigation: Is Famous Cleveland Reporter’s Death a Homicide?
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CLEVELAND, Ohio – In Pittsburg Township, OH, Nikki Delamotte, 30-year-old and her uncle Robert J Delamotte, 67, were found dead inside a trailer, about 10 miles southwest of Toledo. Nikki Delamotte was a reporter from

The news website was told that the case is under an investigation as a homicide.

Nikki traveled to reconnect with her father’s brother in Wood Count, recently. They met about a month ago and the two were planning to meet up again Sunday at a bar to watch a football game, said Delamotte’s mother.

Joanne Ullman, Delamotte’s mother, stated her daughter’s missing report Monday after not getting responses to her text messages. Someone also texted her mother to inform their concerns about Nikki Delamotte’s missing.

According to Ullman, she went to the trailer and found her daughter’s car with her cell phone and wallet inside. After few minutes, police arrived at the scene and confirmed 2 dead bodies inside the trailer.

Some of Nikki’s co-workers describe her as the “embodiment of kindness” with “a knack for telling stories that highlighted the city’s diversity.”

According to her colleagues, she was well-known, and her stories were widely liked and read. Nikki’s stories were one of the most shared on social media.

No further information is known at this moment as the case is under investigation.

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown posted a tweet with his condolences.

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