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Pilot Project for Soft Skills Training Puts the Emphasis on Technology

You are currently viewing Pilot Project for Soft Skills Training Puts the Emphasis on Technology
Soft Skills Project Emphasizes Digital
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A pilot program being launched is called Enhancing Skills for Success (ESS). It is based on a new partnership between the Urban League of Greater Cleveland and Ohio Means Jobs Cleveland-Cuyahoga County. The goal is to work with teaching people the soft skills training they need to land and keep the jobs. But, also they are going to put a digital twist on it. The great part of it is a free collaborative workforce program that offers soft skills development and plus training via mobile phones with interactive videos and instruction.

Pilot Program – Addresses the Community Needs

The strategy did come about to meet the needs of the community during the pandemic, said Urban League of Great Cleveland president and CEO Marsha Mockabee.

“We saw the opportunity is one of the things is to create a presence. It would be to access by mobile phones. That is because we do know that not everybody has access to a computer. Therefore, the laptop or anything like that,” said Mockabee.

Interactive learning modules are part of the program. It does incorporate emotional intelligence, communication, critical thinking, teamwork, time management, self-control, and also building positive relationships.

The Urban League’s signature soft skills training is also included. It is called Solid Opportunity for Advancement and Retention (SOAR).

“The virtual nature of it is the reason we are calling it version 2.0. Moreover, we have always taught this SOAR curriculum at the Urban League in person. Therefore, our SOAR 2.0 is the virtual model,” said Mockabee.

A workforce development coach, Sandy Mills, works with the Urban League. Moreover, she says soft skills are crucial in the job-seeking process. This is after landing the job.

Chad Medley Jr., a student barber at Allstate Barber College in Cleveland, went through the Urban League’s SOAR training. He said it has helped him in his day-to-day training and work at the barber school.

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