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Open or Enclosed Transport: Which is Best?

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An open car carrier.
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Trying to decide which kind of car transport to use? It can be difficult to know which type of transport is best for your vehicle. Every vehicle has different needs, as does every vehicle owner. At Cleveland Car Transport, we have helped owners transport their vehicles for over a decade. In that time, we learned all of the minute details of the auto transport business. Even just choosing between open or enclosed transport can be confusing, but not for us! Keep reading to learn about these types of transport and what vehicles they are good for.

Open transport: for a bargain and for speed

The most basic form of car transport is open car transport, in which your car sits on a car carrier with many others. Our drivers will secure it to their car carrier and ensure that it remains secured throughout the process. Open transport is great for vehicle owners who need to budget, either for time or for money. There are more of these carriers available because they can carry multiple vehicles at once and make loading and unloading much easier. This means that scheduling them is much easier than for enclosed transport, making open transport the best option for those who are moving or who need their cars immediately.

Enclosed transport: for increased security

Enclosed car transport gives your car the VIP treatment. When you choose this type of transport, you’ll know your car is protected by a temperature-controlled metal shell during transport. Nothing, for inclement weather to road hazards, can harm your car in one of our box haulers. Enclosed transport is more expensive than open transport due to the fact that it’s harder to fit as many cars into an enclosed carrier. Some enclosed trailers can accommodate multiple vehicles, but often times it will just be your car alone. But for some people, that level of security is what they want! They want to make sure their car will be safe on the road. If you’re worried about damage to your car or just want to make sure it’s in perfect condition, then enclosed transport is the way to go!

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