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One Dead In Gas Station Shooting

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EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO – The East Cleveland Police Department are looking into a shooting at a gas station. It happened in the afternoon over the weekend. Apparently, on Saturday at 2:42 p.m. gunfire broke out on the corner of Shaw Avenue and Hayden Avenue.

Operators quickly dispatched officers from the East Cleveland Police Department. At the scene officers noticed the body of a male who’d been shot. They actually found the body a block away from where they’d gotten reports of the gunfire. It seems as though the man was able to run for a while before he lost consciousness.

Gas Station Shooting Claims Two Victims

Emergency officials transported the victim to University Hospitals. Later, doctors declared him deceased. They will not release any additional information about him for the time being out of respect. Eventually, though, the public will have to learn his name. Don’t worry, though; his family knows what happened and are aware of his fate.

Later, after officials moved the first victim, police found a second injured man. He was in a car at Milan extension with a gunshot wound. Officials promptly transported the unresponsive man to University Hospitals. The hospital lists the man in critical condition.

East Cleveland Police have linked the victims to the same crime. Therefore, their investigation will be into one crime with multiple victims. However, they are unable to say more about the investigation at this time. After all, the investigation is only just starting!

Police urge people with any info to call the Cleveland Police at (216) 451-1234. They can also call Crime Stoppers at (216) 252-7463. If you live in East Cleveland and witnessed any of this horrible incident, please call the authorities. With your help, they can catch the individual who committed this crime and help keep our streets safe.

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