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Ohio Removes Itself From Voter Registration Database

You are currently viewing Ohio Removes Itself From Voter Registration Database
Ohio has chosen to remove ERIC in regards to voting.
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The state of Ohio is pretty sure that it’s not a good idea to go through with the Election Registration Information Center, aka “ERIC” after there’s been a lot of talk from the GOP for the system’s affinity for liberals. In fact, the Republican party is so desperately against ERIC that they even believe it’s a coup to sign up more blue voters while the whole thing is supposedly ran entirely by George Soros, businessman, philanthropist and sworn enemy of the elephants. But why now, when the ERIC system is supposedly the antidote to the monster of the week, election fraud? Well, it’s likely that while Ohio is driven to submit voter registration data as well as driver’s license information to display voters who had since moved, died or had created duplicates of registrations. Members have to mail registration information towards residents that who not yet signed up to vote. And Ohio has been doing this since they joined ERIC in 2016.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose, among many others had to re-establish the focus of having important voter rolls to prevent fraud. LaRose himself has said that the organization has failed to cover reforms that he himself called for, in regards to Ohio.

In a statement written to ERIC executive director Shane Hamlin, “I cannot justify the use of Ohio’s tax dollars for an organization that seems intent on rejecting meaningful accountability, publicly maligning my motives, and waging a relentless campaign of misinformation about this effort.”

Voter Fraud is pretty crazy these days. Who wouldn’t be scared?

LaRose had to follow his decision after many other Republican-leaning states have themselves decided to remove themselves from ERIC. Such states in this case include, Missouri and Florida. Member states are themselves the ones who fund ERIC, while Soros’ company, Pew Charitable Trusts had given a little push to the system early on.

Of course, this is all misinformation that is being spread about ERIC from the organization. ERIC keeps up with support from a few republicans, including outspoken Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who decided to take to the Internet to really defend ERIC’s reputation. Raffensperger himself went ahead and tweeted how the dangers of disinformation have affected the state and others through undermined voter confidence. He tweeted, “States claim they want to combat illegal voting & clean voter rolls — but then leave the best & only group capable of detecting double voting across state lines.”

While Raffensperger is taking the stand on the soapbox, LaRose has made a signal to Ohio how there would be a withdrawal from ERIC in the case of leaders disagreeing to reforms, such as loosened requirements for member states contacting unregistered voters. David Becker has held a “highly partisan” reputation according to the ex-offico’s board member.

Of course, the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition has been hoping that LaRose would hold Ohio in ERIC all while affirming the system as an example of effective collaboration and smart election innovation. But LaRose still believes that ERIC is going to set the course of it’s own future into demise. Back to the drawing board, or voting board, rather.

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