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Ohio Priest Accused for Sexual Misconduct with a Minor

You are currently viewing Ohio Priest Accused for Sexual Misconduct with a Minor
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PARMA, Ohio — A priest is on an administrative leave after accusations of sexual misconduct with a minor and a false report of an attack.

The Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma said in a statement that Fr. Basil Hutsko was placed on leave. The leave is for sexual misconduct with a minor from 35 years ago.

The priest refutes the accusation.

Church leaders considered and found the accusation to be credible. Hutsko was then placed on leave which renders him “unable to function as a priest anywhere,” the Church’s statement said.

The Eparchy of Parma also addressed the priest’s claim about an attack on Aug. 20 inside Merrillville, Indiana church. Hustko claimed that assailants attacked and beat him on that day.

Later, a member of Father Basil Hutsko’s family said that the incident didn’t take place.

Not the First Sexual Misconduct Case Involving This Priest

Soon after the attach reports, Bishop Mian Lach found a woman who came forward in 2004 saying the priest abused her as a child between 1979 and 1983. This incident took place while he was serving in Merrillville, IN, not far from Chicago. He said the accusation the Merrillville parishioners in late August but the independent review board concluded that the accusations were not validated prior to not valid evidence.

The eparchy has not elaborated on the fact of the accusations that Hutsko was placed on leave.

In addition to St. Michael in Merrillville, Indiana, Hutsko additionally antecedently served at St. Mary in the city, St. Barbara in Dayton, St. Virgin Mary in Marblehead and St. Basil in Sterling Heights, Michigan, consistent with the eparchy’s statement.

“The Eparchy of Parma is committed to protective youth and serving to heal victims of abuse,” the statement says. “We are deeply sorry for the survivors of abuse due to actions of some members of the priesthood.”

If you are someone with more information about the case, you should call (330) 958-9630 for a coordinator.

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