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Nissan Recalls 700,000 Rogues Over Ignition Key Mishap

You are currently viewing Nissan Recalls 700,000 Rogues Over Ignition Key Mishap
The Nissan Rogue keys are in need of some repair.
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Nissan has the tough move to make when it comes to their tried and true Nissan Rogue. As it turns out, there’s a huge issue going on that is causing Nissan to recall all the Rogue SUVs, if it specifically means fixing the issues that have to do with the ignition key. In specific, Nissan has had to alert the authorities over there at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that around 712,458 Rogues and Rogue Sport SUVs in both cases are having issues with the ignition key. Such a key can allow for “jackknife” qualities that allow it to collapse as the vehicle moves. Which in turn, causes a shift in dynamics as far as customers trusting Nissan with their money.

The silver lining is that this doesn’t necessarily mean that every single Nissan Rogue is getting recalled, as the problem itself only affects the base S level of trim. As a result, 194,986 Rogue Sport models and 517,472 Rogues will need to be sent back to the manufacturer in order for the safety precautions to be enacted. Besides the Rogue, no other Nissan or Infiniti models have been hit as bad. Isn’t that a stroke of good luck?!

So what does Nissan say to do?

Nisan recommends that owners adhere away from attachment to the key fob and attachment to why this car is the one that needs to be replaced. “Oh boo hoo,” for those who can’t let go of material possession because they’re a tad sad. Cars come and go. There’s nothing that could be done with Nissan as there’s no attaching proper attachments to the key fob. Nissan will hope to give a fix for dealers as there will be a spacer inserted towards the key slot of owners’ key fobs. All with the hopes that they key won’t collapse.

All Nissan could’ve done is what they ended up doing. In particular, Nissan has given out an order to dealerships for them to “stop sale” of the oncoming Rogues that are in dealerships.

What this means in turn is that dealers are currently prohibited from leasing, trading, selling, renting or even loaning any and all of the affected vehicles in inventory until it’s fix has finally been applied. In the interim, owners are encouraged to go ahead and check the NHTSA recalls site for further details regarding whether or not their Rogue or Rogue Sport is identified as one of these problem vehicles.

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