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New Cleveland Sign Was Installed Along the Cuyahoga River:New Spot for Tourists

You are currently viewing New Cleveland Sign Was Installed Along the Cuyahoga River:New Spot for Tourists
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Another Cleveland script sign has popped up. Visiting Cleveland? Good news for you! You have one more option of a sixth photo.

The newest sign is along the Cuyahoga River at the Foundry on Columbus Road. According to Destination Cleveland’s website, the Cleveland script signs were installed ‘’in picturesque locations’’.

It will give locals and visitors beautiful signature photos to share with friends and family on social media.

“With the continued popularity of the Cleveland script signs, Destination Cleveland and The Foundry collaborated to install a sixth sign this weekend,” Destination Cleveland said in a news release.

“Located along the Cuyahoga River at The Foundry, the sign provides both a tangible Cleveland brand experience to visitors and residents alike and another opportunity for iconic images of Cleveland to be shared throughout the world.”

The Foundry cooperated with Destination Cleveland to bring the sign to another spot in the city. The Cleveland skyline serves as the backdrop.

Each new sign costs about $40.000, according to Destination Cleveland. The tourism group said the Foundry is paying half of the cost.

Tourists are fond of taking pictures of script signs. The script signs have become popular spots for photos among visitors and locals.

Want to have a quick picture with the skyline in the background?

These locations are good for photo shooting. You can check them out and share the pictures with friends and family.

Here they are: Edgewater Park, North Coast Harbor, Tremont and Euclid Beach Park are beloved places to visit and creating some memories with the pictures.

There is also one at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Rowers and sailors can also join in the fun, too.

It’s time for you to visit Cleveland and join in the fun. Take pictures with 5 iconic Cleveland script signs and don’t forget to share with friends on social media.

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