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Name Your Truck

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Naming your truck might sound strange at first if you have never named your car. But, after all, as a truck driver, you spend more time in the company of your truck than any other thing. And, if you name your pets, why not your truck? After all, we have always firmly believed that a man’s best friend is truly their vehicle!

It is true that you get very happy when you see your dog or your cat. But, doesn’t it also feel amazing the view of your truck when it has just been thoroughly washed? Or when you have been out and about all day and you just dream of coming back to your vehicle and relaxing inside its comfy and familiar cabin? Naming something or someone creates a bond and a sense of belonging. What’s more, it gives a personality and a demonstration of affection.

So, let’s admit it! Your truck will always be there for you and as such an essential part of your life, it deserves to be properly named. But, how do you name a truck?

How to Find the Right Name for your Truck

First of all, you should remember that the name you give your truck should reflect the personality of the vehicle. Just like when you named your dog “fluffy” because of its fur, you need to find a name that you feel appropriately reflects the spirit of your truck. You can find inspiration from its color, shape, size, and many other qualities!

Second of all, you should find a name that also connects with your own personality. Since it is your truck and not someone else’s, the connection you have to it is very important. Maybe you can think of what your truck inspires you or how you feel about it. What do you use it for? How long have you had it? Where did it take you?

Then, you should try to be original. Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple? That is the spirit we should be looking for her! Remember that a truck can’t be bullied at school, so go as far as you want with your originality. Let your truck’s name shine for its uniqueness!

And finally, you should also take into consideration how you want it to sound. Do you want it to be a funny name? Or maybe a name that inspires fear? A pun? A reference? A war-name? Give it some thought, and we are sure you will find the right fit.

Oh! And don’t forget to decide if your precious truck is a boy or a girl. Some names might work for both, but some others don’t!

We also wanted to give you a little help naming your truck, so we gathered a few names that might inspire you to find the right one. Take a look at these!

Clifford the Big Red Dodge

Big Rhonda


Green Zulu

White Knight

Zombie Slayer

The Punisher




Mud Slinger


Norma Jean Baker


Lil Lady

Tom Cruiser

Midnight Mandy

Moby Dick

El Burrito

Truck Norris



Speedy Gonzalez



Big Foot


Long John

Mr. Toad






Old Yeller


And, if you are still feeling insecure about how to pick the best name out there, you can check this website. They have a vehicle name generator that will give you more ideas.

So, don’t hesitate any longer and give your best friend the name that it deserves!

What about you? Have you named your truck yet? If so, don’t forget to share the name on the comment section!

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