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Motorcycle Club Shooting Kills 1, Injures 17

You are currently viewing Motorcycle Club Shooting Kills 1, Injures 17
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A celebration on Saturday night ended abruptly when violence broke out. Attendees of an anniversary party for the Omens Motorcycle Club opened fire on one another.

Police entered the scene Saturday night around 11:30 pm. Fielding a call regarding gunfire, they approached what they deemed a chaotic and even dangerous scene. First, they worked to control the disorderly gathering. They secured the location by imposing their authority. Then, they began their investigation.

They uncovered the origin of the gunfire as a verbal altercation between guests. In a party consisting of multiple motorcycle clubs, both locally and nationally, some tiff escalated between attendees. While the nature of the argument remains unknown, the violence it prompted resulted in fatal consequences.

After removing the offending guests, festivities resumed. Then, the individuals kicked out of the party returned to open fire. In response, several individuals returned fire, participating in a gunfight.

When the violence finally ceased, authorities discovered 17 injured victims, as well as 1 dead man. Police identified 48-year-old Lee Andre Dickson as the man who lost his life during the gunfight.

Motorcycle Club Honors Their Fallen

A vigil took place Monday night for the deceased victim. So many gathered to honor Dickson that police closed a length of East 93rd St to accommodate them. Hundreds came in support of Lee “Shonuff” Dickson, bearing balloons and Omens Motorcycle Club jackets.

Police continue to investigate the shooting. They say the process is “extremely detailed and involved.” However, they state they’re making progress.

In response to the shooting, Mayor Frank G. Jackson lamented the loss of life as a result of gun violence. “Once again, the easy availability of guns and the disregard for life leads to tragedy.”

He went on to assure the public the police investigation will lead authorities to the culprits. “These perpetrators will be brought to justice,” he said.

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