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Men Arrested in Connection to 2015 Murder

You are currently viewing Men Arrested in Connection to 2015 Murder
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CLEVELAND, OH: On Saturday, police issued a warrant for the arrest of three men charged in the fatal shooting of California man, Nicholas Rowe, in November of 2015.


The men: Walter Watkins, 22, Nicho Fulton, 26, and David Dillworth, 23 – all from Ohio.


The Crime

According to court records, the men allegedly buried Rowe back in 2015. Officials found his body in the back of an abandoned home. three feet underground, beneath twenty pounds of concrete. He suffered several gunshot wounds to his head. Police spotted a handgun in the yard of the home, alerting to suspicious activity. Then, they brought a cadaver dog to the home to help search for the body.


Rowe – also known as Joshua Luckey – was 41 years old. He was from Chula Vista, California. Apparently, Rowe frequently flew to Cleveland to conduct drug deals. He was meeting with an associate on his trip that November, and supposedly paid the associate over 8 grand.


After a couple of days, Rowe’s friends and family alerted the associate that he was missing. Officials used a GPS tracking device on Rowe’s phone, which led them to his abandoned car. They found broken windows and blood inside the car. When the associate returned to the scene the next day, he called police. An officer noticed a disturbance in the backyard of the home, where they later discovered the body.



Officials charged a fourth man, Andrew Watkins, age 23, with aggravated murder for the case back in March.  After his arrest, he pleaded not guilty to the charges. He is waiting on a trial date. Now, Fulton is on probation for the illegal possession of a gun in 2017. Dillworth was also sentenced to a probation period back in 2017, for an attempted breaking and entering.


However, it is unclear what is in store for these other men allegedly involved as the case unfolds.


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