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Man Charged In Shooting Shot In The Face While Riding Bike

You are currently viewing Man Charged In Shooting Shot In The Face While Riding Bike
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CLEVELAND, OH – A Cleveland man who took part in a deathly shooting was shot in the face while riding his bike only hours after being charged.
Kenneth Macon, 28, faced murder charges this week in a shooting that took place on September 21st, around 10:30 pm.
The event had taken place in Cleveland’s Central neighborhood, at the Arbor Park Village public housing complex. The fire took the life of a 21-year-old man.
The victim was Javonte Harris, who was hanging in the street with a large group of friends. He was shot at point-blank range in his back and head after two men approached him from behind. Then, according to police, the two men ran toward a van and they drove away at high speed.
This Wednesday, Macon faced charges in court as he was accused of Harris’ intentional dead.
Last Friday, someone shot up the home where Macon lived with his mother. Nobody has been arrested yet in relation to this incident. But Macon’s mother declared that apparently his son had been arguing with someone around 30 minutes prior to the shooting.
Macon’s mother also said she has received several phone calls from an unknown person that told her that her son was to blame for Harris’ dead. She also went on to assure police that she believed the home was targeted and shot up as a form of retaliation.
During the incident Friday night four gunshots were fired against the East 40th Street home. And, according to police, two of those bullets broke through a window in the upper floor and just straight above Macon’s mother bed. She was sleeping there at the time.
The other two bullets hit the downstairs windows. Macon told the authorities that he didn’t know who was behind the shooting.
But, then, on Tuesday afternoon, Macon was attacked again while on the street. Apparently, he was riding his bike on East 55th Street and Crayton Road around 3:30, when a car drove by.
Four gunshots were shot from inside the car at him. One of the bullets hit him in the face, ripping his left cheek and breaking multiple facial bones.
Macon jumped off the bike and ran across the street before collapsing on the ground. Police reports state that several people inside nearby businesses heard the gunshots. But no one saw the actual shooting or the specific car.
The incident is still under investigation and no arrests have been made thus far.  

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