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World’s Largest Electric Vehicle?: eDumper

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The EV (short for electric vehicle) has made its presence known. The automobile industry has taken a direct turn to produce its first line of cars that do not rely on fossil fuels. Of the cars that have hit the road, Tesla still reigns supreme. Many companies are following close behind. The question is, which vehicle is the biggest? Which vehicle showcases what electric energy can actually do? The answer is in Switzerland.

While car companies have been the primary focus for the electric industry, countries have been working on even more practical methods. Norway has decided to cut all diesel and combustion engine sales by 2025. This is to move alongside their extensive clean energy efforts. Norway is perhaps one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. With their recycling program so efficient that they must import other countries’ trash in order to produce power for their homes.

While most countries in Europe have created a more environmentally friendly ecosystem, others have chosen different methods. Switzerland officially owns the world’s largest electric vehicle. Weighing in at 45-tons, the mining dump-truck from the Swiss is the first electric vehicle of its kind.

The “eDumper” Stats

First of all, the largest electric vehicle completely stomps anything that is being released to the public. The HUMMER EV fails to meet anything close to what the eDumper has. The vehicle’s power source is primarily by electricity with a hydrogen-powered backup in case of emergencies.

This machine was developed by Anglo American, based out of London. It weighs 290 tons, which equates to 580,000 pounds. Angle American hopes to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030.

How Does It Stack Up in The Electric Vehicle Market?

The electric market is now officially here. With most major automotive companies rolling out their first line of electric vehicles, many are sporting their new designs. One vehicle that took everyone by surprise was the HUMMER EV. This is by far the most powerful EV in the consumer class. With 1.100 lbs of torque and pulling a whopping 1000 horsepower, this thing can haul. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold a candle to the eDumper. This mega machine’s primary focus is to move the earth.

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