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Landstar Awards Safe and Excellent Driving

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Landstar has pledged to continue its tradition of awarding a new truck to one lucky Roadstar or Million Mile Safe Driver. The company randomly pulled from a pool of 1,086 active participants this year. The goal if this kind of initiative is to reward safe, effective, friendly driving!

The winner will receive a 2020 Freightliner Cascadia 126. The brand new truck comes in a beautiful viper blue and contains a Detroit DD15, 14.8 L engine with a Detroit DT12 automated transmission. Pilot Flying J is sponsoring this year’s giveaway. There are currently four finalists.

How Does Landstar Pick Its Winners?

To qualify, drivers must have achieved one of two huge benchmarks in their career. Firstly, a driver can reach one million or more miles safely driven. The company has three categories for this: one million miles, two million miles, and three million miles. Once a driver is a Million Mile Safe Driver, Landstar automatically enters their name.

Secondly, a driver can be a Roadstar. Landstar awards the Roadstar title to owner-operators for service excellence. Roadstars are well-known for safety, productivity, and incredible customer service. In other words: this is a pretty prestigious award.

This year, 1,086 of their drivers qualified. They randomly picked names from that pool and currently are down to just four finalists. On July 8th, the company will hold a virtual ceremony on Zoom. Each contestant will pick a box. One box will have the key to the truck inside.

It Pays to Practice Safety

Trucking is an exhausting and sometimes dangerous career. Long hours on the road can be grueling. But practicing safe driving really does pay off. Above all, the well-being of everyone on the road is paramount. More companies might want to consider adopting Landstar’s incentive program. Those who work hard deserve to be recognized!

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