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Labor Day Fun Weekend in Cleveland: What To Do ?

You are currently viewing Labor Day Fun Weekend in Cleveland: What To Do ?
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This Labor Day weekend, there is no shortage of festivals, film, live music and more to explore In Northeast Ohio.

Love dancing? Make a trip to a classic Georgia County Fair to show off your best moves at dance parties.

A unique opportunity to listen to Cleveland Orchestra performing the ‘’Star Wars’’ soundtrack. There are activities for yoga lovers outside the Rock Hall at the annual gathering.

Georgia county Fair is a string of fun activities featuring farm life, food, games, and 2000 animals. That’s a lot of animals!

Festivals Dominate This Labor Day

And yet this is not the end. This year Made in Ohio Festival is going to turn into a three-day event.

Artists across the state will come together for entertainment, weekend shopping, and drinks. If you get an entry ticket for the event, you will be exposed to Hall Farm homes and craft demonstrations.

Cleveland is an artistic place. Gordon Square Art Space is going to become a home to colorful works, the launch of its ninth issue, featuring artists like Clare Kolat, Kia Taylor, Tim Switalski, Angela Oster and more.

You missed this year’s Sundance Film Festival? No problem . You can enjoy the festival’s short film tour at Uptown art House Theater. This 95 minutes program introduces the highlights of the festival.

Another fun festival is the 104th tear annual St. Rocco Festival. It takes place at St. Rocco Catholic Church. Fill up your weekend with live music, games and many more.

Want to dance the night away at the punk rock club? Go ahead! Classic and rare soul tracks will be spinning at the dance night.

You wonder what else is available for the weekend in Cleveland? Don’t miss out the Cleveland National Air Show.

Enjoy your weekend and have fun this Labor Day!

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