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It Already Feels Like Halloween: Things to do on Oct. 11-14 While in Cleveland

You are currently viewing It Already Feels Like Halloween: Things to do on Oct. 11-14 While in Cleveland
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Weather becomes colder, it feels a lot like Halloween in Cleveland. However, there is no shortage of things one can do around the city over the weekends. This weekend is not an exception as well.

Here is a small guide to lead you to the events that can be unforgettable for you.

OCTOBER 12:  Stranger Things Spooktacular 2: The Return

Head to the Beachland Ballrooms as you can be a witness of Ohio Burlesque’s “Stranger Things Spooktacular” show for a second time. If you never been, then you’ll be amazed for the first time. The routines of nerdy and spooky, including retro thrills and chills, will definitely surprised you. “American Horror Story” or “Stranger Things.”

Address: 15711 Waterloo Road

Time: 7:30 to 10:30 PM

Haunted Houses

haunted house cleveland

It’s almost Halloween, isn’t it? It is time to have some fun with Halloween entertaining. You can visit haunted houses all over the town. This is a spooky season, after all; all the brave citizens will be at the tens of haunted houses. Some of them are kid-friendly but some of them are filled with monsters and ghosts. Northeast Ohio is full of this kind of entertainments if you want to learn more, visit here.

OCTOBER 12: Moonshine Gala

Do you love retro style? Old places, kitchen, and people? You can easily go back in time when visiting Gordon’s Square’s Spice Kitchen’s Moonshine Gala which will feature Prohibition era-like cocktails served with the three-course meal. The Luckey Ones will lead the music and will give the lively spirit of the Roaring ‘20s parties. Tetro clothing is encouraged.

Address: 5800 Detroit Ave.

Time: 6:00 to 10:00 PM

OCTOBER 12-14: GhoulardiFest

This Halloween bash will have appearances, costume contests and, of course, the annual pizza eating fest. Get to meet with Victoria Price, actress and Vincent Price’s daughter.

Address: 19201 East Bagley Rd., Middleburg Heights

OCTOBER 12-14: Superhero Weekend Mapleside Farms

While being a usual farm. Mapleside Farms will turn into a little bit Gotham, a little Metropolis and a little bit fairy tale kingdom. The reason for that is those little superheroes are to come here. Kids are invited to dress up in their superhero dear for a costume contest. If you are searching for family and kid-friendly entertainment, this one is for you.

Address: 294 Pearl Rd., Brunswick

And many other festivals that can take place in Cleveland and close cities. Just take your time and go around the city, you will be amazed what Cleveland is turning into!

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