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How to Save Money on Car Transport

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Choosing open car transport is the easiest way to save.
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Thanks to 2022’s record-high inflation and gas prices, everyone’s feeling their wallet squeezed more than usual these days. For people who are planning to move, that’s an even greater issue. Moving is always expensive, but it’s especially so now. If you’re planning a move, you’ll want someone to handle your car for an affordable price. Here are some tips from car transport experts on how to save money on your shipment.

Choose open car transport.

Open car transport is the industry standard for car shipping, and with good reason. It’s also the most affordable option offered by the vast majority of car shipping companies. Because open carriers can haul many cars at once, sometimes as many as ten cars, they can charge lower rates on a per-car basis. Coupled with the availability of open carriers, which allows for flexible scheduling, and it’s clear that open car transport does a lot to help car owners save. This is simply the easiest way to reduce the cost of your car transport.

Choose terminal-to-terminal.

Terminal-to-terminal shipping refers to car transport that takes your car from one “terminal,” usually an office or car lot, to another. In contrast with door-to-door transport, terminal-to-terminal shipping requires you to drive your car to a drop-off location and pick it up at the other end. Though less convenient than door-to-door, this helps save your transport company time. Instead of having to drive all over town to pick up its cars, your carrier will set off once all the cars are in the lot. Saving time for your carrier, in turn, helps you save money.

Be flexible with your timing.

Car transport, like many things, depends a lot on timing for its pricing. There are both surges and dips in demand for transport, which in turn makes prices fluctuate. If you can wait for the right price on your car shipment, then you should, as car transport companies will often offer you lower rates in times when demand is low. For example, car transport generally has its lowest demand in the fall or during the middle of the week. If you wait for one of these times, the chances are good that whichever car transport company you choose will get you a good deal on your car transport.

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