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How to Effectively Use Trailer Telematics

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Trailer telematics is at the forefront of trucking innovation
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Ohio trucking companies at the forefront of the industry rely on trailer telematics to maximize the efficacy of their movements. But how are these companies squeezing all they can out of the data they obtain? Here’s how trucking companies are innovating with technology.

The Basics: GPS Location and Cargo Management

Most obviously, telematics allows fleets to keep track of their trailers all over the world. Trailer telematics has been capable of this for years, but increases in location accuracy have made GPS even more effective in recent years. Its obvious utility led many companies to quickly adopt GPS for trailers, but there’s so much more to do.

For example, some forward-thinking fleets install temperature sensors to better maintain their cargo. Others use remote door controls and sensors to enhance the security of their trailers. Also, cameras installed on doors or within the cargo bay can help the company investigate any unexplained occurrences that may affect the quality of their cargo.

Remote management software like this helps keep cargo in tip-top shape as it nears its destination. Companies like ours use this technology to keep your things safe and undamaged.

The Advanced: Route and Cargo Optimization

The real innovations recently have focused on optimizing the trucking industry to best use the vehicles we have. Some of the data collected by all of these sensors can help trucking companies find better routes for their trucks. These insights can be integrated into a truck’s route in real time, increasing efficiency and speed in the industry.

Cargo space, ever-critical in the trucking world, can also be tweaked and optimized with telematics. Maybe a camera notices that a trailer can handle more cargo, or its current load will slow down the overall travel. Telematics makes it possible for companies to realize this and relay the information to operators and fix any problems they may see.

This level of control over the service that trucking companies provide makes trailer telematics an incredibly rich field for optimization within the trucking industry. If you want your company to be on the cutting edge, you’ll need to adopt telematics sooner rather than later.

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