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Holiday Gift Guide for Car Lovers in Your Life

You are currently viewing Holiday Gift Guide for Car Lovers in Your Life
From a Ferrari to a Honda, you can make a model car kit for anything!
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It is officially the holiday season as we enter December. This is the month of Hanukkah, Christmas, and several other holidays in which gift giving is a common tradition. Are you struggling trying to figure out what to get your friends for a gift? Well, if they are a car lover, we have a fool proof gift guide we would like to offer to you as a reference for the best gifts to give any car lovers in your life! We guarantee that any car lover will love each and every one of these!

A Book of Collector Cars

There are many of these around, some even get more specific in terms of theming and genre. The Taschen Ultimate Collector Cars Book is a great one that covers all kinds of general collectable cars!

A Fun Racing Game

If you have any car lovers in your life who live for the fun things in the world, we suggest you get them something cute and fun like a racing game! The Lacorsa Grand Prix Racing Game is a great one featuring a buildable track that is a blast for all!

Car Cover

A car cover is an excellent gift for any car lover because its like a warm hug for the car! It gives the car coverage from the sun and weather, making sure the paint and exterior stay well protected!


LEGO has tons of great sets that feature cars or are cars themselves. We suggest going to the LEGO website and browsing their featured sets to see which one would be best for the car lover in your life!

Tire Mug

The Jumigra Tyre Tire Mug is a great little gift! This mug is shaped like a stack of little car tires and is a very fun gift for any car people with commutes who want to bring cold or hot drinks with them.

A Model Car Kit

Just like a LEGO set, there are tons of model car options out there. You can search up just about any car make and model followed by model set and find exactly what you are looking for to perfectly match the specific interests of any car lover you know!

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