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Governor DeWine Supports Aides, Despite Scandal

You are currently viewing Governor DeWine Supports Aides, Despite Scandal
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Governor Mike DeWine continues to support staffers despite the growing scandal, according to Press Secretary Dan Tierney. “Absolutely,” said Tierney, he explains that it’s important to, in fact, remember that much less is known. That was when news of the scandal broke last summer. “Moreover, it is always difficult for anybody to keep track of what was known at the time. Then versus now what is being alleged now.”

Governor Mike DeWine Learned about His “Trusted” Staffers in This Ugly Scandal

In fact, there was one staffer who did wait weeks. It was until after an FBI raid to inform the governor that FirstEnergy gave Sam Randazzo a huge sum. Thus, this was just weeks before the governor, had, in fact, nominating Randazzo to be Ohio’s top utility regulator.

Dark Money Group

While still a FirstEnergy Lobbyist, another staffer, did find a dark-money group. It put tens of millions of utility dollars into a sleazy effort. To therefore pass a $1.3 billion package, It obviously benefitting FirstEnergy. It was a successor company and for other Ohio utilities. This dubious staffer became DeWine’s legislative affairs director and did work to pass on the bailout bill his boss would sign. Then federal prosecutors said it “likely the largest bribery and money-laundering scheme ever in the state of Ohio.”

FirstEnergy Cops to a Few of its Seedy Actions

Last week, FirstEnergy, which is based outside of Cleveland in Akron, entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with federal authorities in which those allegations exist. With their tail between their legs and caught red-handed, the company agreed to pay out $230 million. Then to cop to at least some of its actions in the scandal.

Several among them admitted paying $22 million over the years to the entities controlled by Randazzo. On January 2, 2019, it included $4.3 million. Unfortunately, DeWine would nominate Randazzo to become chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Ohio on February 4, 2019.

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