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From Music Festivals To Haunted Houses: Autumn Season in Cleveland

You are currently viewing From Music Festivals To  Haunted Houses: Autumn Season in Cleveland
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Although summer is over, there is still plenty of fun to have this weekend in Cleveland.

Ready for foodie events, or maybe live music? That and lot more is waiting for you this weekend in Northeast Ohio.

Have you ever hear of Ingenuity Fest?  Karamu House with the stage lights up hosts entrepreneurs, artists, Innovators of all types to aspire audiences and to empower communities.

Sip drinks at the Whiskey and White Lightning Music Fest while watching a new comedy and trivia show, Pop-Cleveland, at Forest City Brewery.

Let’s dive into Pop-Cleveland. The city’s newest sketch comedy and trivia show is back at Duck Island’s Forest City Brewery.

You will be participating in an interactive quiz. Grab a beer and compete against your fellow audience members in the show.

Write down the address of the Forest City Brewery and get ready for the show on September 27, 7.30-10 p.m.

Autumn season can be flavored with the warmer atmosphere at Gold horn Brewery. Being served with good beer is good. But this brewery makes it even better for you. The chief and Gold horn’s assistant brewer will offer delicious desserts with crafted beer.

Come to enjoy the combination of both on September 27, at the location 1361 East 55th St., Cleveland.

As we mentioned earlier, Karamu house will bring August Wilson’s “Fences’’ to the main stage. A story of a black basketball player who got excluded from the league in the 1950s, won Pulitzer and Tony Awards.

As Halloween is about to come, Ohio will transform into a fear-filled fun place. For adventurous visitors, the haunted houses are opening their doors.

Just in case you are planning to come with the family, make sure you go to the family and kid-friendly ones.

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