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Ford F-150 Lightning Production Bows In Favor Of Other Models

You are currently viewing Ford F-150 Lightning Production Bows In Favor Of Other Models
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Ford has come out with a statement and it’s rather depressing. They’re basically stating that there will be a big scale back of production on the Ford F-150 Lightning from 2024. Meanwhile, Ford is hoping to ramp up production on other models, such as the Bronco and the Ranger. Specifically, speaking, the latter two vehicles are going to gain a third production crew. Ford believes that the EV sales growth coming through in 2024 may not be as strong as the automaker chooses to change up their process.

As of the time of writing, it’s been heard all over the news media spectrum that April 1st will be when the F-150 Lightning gets amped down to only one shift. The Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan is supposedly where the Bronco and the Ranger will continue for their demands to be met.

Ford themselves have mentioned to suppliers that anticipate an average volume of about 1600 Lightnings had gone by the week all through the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center all through Michigan.

The figure had been half of 3200 Lightnings that showed Ford expected to produce with an ultimate goal via building 150,000 units per year.

Of course, the reduction can come through while Ford makes an attempts to “change market demand.” Towards that end, the company made it known that they have much more hope in the Bronco and Ranger over the electric truck. To place the figures into perspective of the greater sales numbers, the automaker has shifted 190,477 total trucks in the third quarter of 2023.

Ford is a strong contender of strength in the form of their cautious decision-making. The push forward from Ford and the F-150 Lightning would show for a high month of sales. This would definitely push a perspective of greater sales numbers, where the automaker would sell 190,477 total trucks in third quarter of 2023.

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