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FMCSA Suggests Changes to Entry Level Driver Training Rule

You are currently viewing FMCSA Suggests Changes to Entry Level Driver Training Rule
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Trucking regulators at the federal level have suggested a two-year delay for total compliance of specific provisions in the Entry Level Driver Training rule. Doing so would enable more time for the growth of the secure electronic transfer of information to the certified training provider registry as well as the state driver licensing agencies.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said in the Federal Register on July 18, “The proposed two-year extension would delay the date by which training providers must being uploading driver-specific certification information into the Training Provider Registry, an electronic database that will contain entry level driver training information.”

According to the agency, this proposal would also push back the date that state driver licensing agencies must confirm that applicants for a commercial driver’s license have met the appropriate ELD requirements before taking a specified knowledge or skills test.

The new rule would ultimately allow FMCSA officials time to finish the creation of the electronic interface that will receive and store ELDT certification information from training providers and then issue the information to the state driver licensing agencies. Furthermore, the delay would also give state driver licensing agencies more time to adjust their information technology systems and systems to accommodate their receipt of driver-specific ELDT data that they get from the training provider registry.

The Current Driver Training Regulations

Right now the compliance deadline for the two provisions of the 2016 rule have been extended from Feb 7, 2020 to Feb 7, 2022, according to FMCSA. They also went on to say that they’d accept public comment until August 19.

The FMCSA made it clear that it does not have any other radical changes to the requirements laid down by the 2016 ELDT final rule. They also noted that new drivers still must adhered to the final ELDT rules training requirements starting on Feb 7, 2020.

What do you all think about this new proposal? Leave us a message with your thoughts!

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