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Flatbed Hauling Tips

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Flatbed shipments require special attention. From construction material to airplane parts, the list of cargo hauled by flatbeds are endless. However, there are specific details you need to consider when hauling this kind of freight. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few flatbed hauling tips we think you should know.

Tip #1. Know what you’re hauling

Firstly, the most important step in hauling flatbed freight is understanding the details of your shipment. This can be achieved by asking yourself a few simple questions, including:

  • What products are you hauling?

This is essential information because freight must be secured on a flatbed. Additionally, it is helpful if the carrier knows what is being shipped in order to ensure they have the necessary tools required for safe transport. For instance, some cargo will require chains, while others may require straps.

  • What is the value of the cargo?

Moreover, knowing the cargo’s value will determine the appropriate cargo insurance to transport freight.

  • What are the dimensions and weight of the cargo?

Due to the various types of flatbed trailers, knowing the weight and dimension of the shipment beforehand will ensure the proper trailer is used. Not to mention, this information can also help you avoid overweight violations or obtain transit permits, if necessary.

  • Are there any additional accessories required for transport?

Some flatbed freight requires additional equipment to ensure it is properly secured for transport. Knowing the measurements ahead of time allows carriers to procure the right tools for shipment. In addition, understanding how freight will be loaded and unloaded will also determine whether a step deck is needed.

Tip #2. Know the trailers hauling your freight

Do your homework. Research the different types of trailers and equipment you need to move freight safely. Typically, standard flatbeds and step decks are plenty. However, the more specialized flatbeds, like extendable trailers and Removable Goose Necks (RGN’s), take more time to get a hold of.

Tip #3. Technology can help

Lastly, an online freight service is beneficial when locating equipment. Not to mention, there is a variety of flatbeds, step decks, drop decks, removable goosenecks, flatbed LTLs and overweight equipment for you to choose from as well. Also, an online freight service provider can tender loads to qualified contract carriers.

In brief, moving flatbed freight is a huge undertaking. However, by adhering to these flatbed hauling tips, you’ll be better prepared for the job.

Got any other flatbed hauling tips to share? Comment below.

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  1. Claire Masters

    Indeed you need to determine the products that you will be hauling in order to make the necessary precautions as well as use the proper tools to ensure safety in transit. This information will be helpful when we start our second-hand auto parts and accessories business next year. We are planning to distribute across different states so I hope to find shipment trucking solutions to transport our cargo safely.

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