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Drive-In EDM Festival Planned For July

You are currently viewing Drive-In EDM Festival Planned For July
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EDM festivals are big. From Electric Forest to Paradiso, the industry has become one of the largest and most popular music events in the world.

The Kukui music festival has been held every year since 2016. The current COVID-19 climate has kept many either inside or at a distance. Not typically the environment for hosting large-scale festivals. Well, the game is slightly changing.

For Cleveland, the festival brings a positive environment for residents and out-of-staters alike. This year they are trying something different.

Drive-in theaters have hit a large increase in traffic. The concept goes along with standard safety protocols and the music industry has seen its benefits. This year, Kukui music festival is still on and ready for ticket goers to see their favorite acts but from the safety of their car, truck, or SUV.

Proper Safety Meets EDM

The event boasts 14-foot spaces between each car. This works to give festival-goers the ability to set up a campsite while remaining safe. A maximum of 8 people per spot also adheres to the maximum 10 at a time.

“What we’re really trying to get is to get people to go out and do something. I don’t think the music industry needs to stop doing what we do, it’s just really thinking different and following the rules. That’s really it,” said Ishmael Khadar, Event Director of Kukui Music Festival.

For many events, the looming threat of COVID-19 has led to the postponement or cancellation. For others, thinking outside of the box can help continue yearly events without the threat of spreading the virus.

Large-scale events have canceled their dates this year. The responsibility of keeping people safe has the highest importance. For events like Boston Calling, ticket purchasers will be placed on next year’s list. For others, finding the right balance of safety and entertainment can mean sink-or-swim.

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