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Courier: Earnings Vs Losses

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Being a courier has its perks but it also can have its downfalls.

How much do they earn? Does it depend on the city? Are they paid per mileage? How much gas did they use? How much are they profiting?

Let’s take a look at a breakdown:

Courier #1: Postmates

According to Indeed, the average salary of a Postmates Driver is $11.67 per hour. This is 19% below the national average. This also depends on the location the driver is at. This is also below the minimum wage in a lot of places.

In Los Angeles, the rate per pickup is $1.40. The rate per drop-off is $0.70. The rate per minute is $0.07 and the rate per mile is $0.69.

Now these rates don’t include the occasional bonuses and daily incentives. Also, the tips are 100% earned.

According to ridester, Postmates drivers typically spend about 57.5 cents per mile on gas.

Drivers do get benefits such as insurance and discounts!

Courier #2: Grubhub

Indeed says that Grubhub does not pay for gas mileage. However, drivers do get a small mileage fee– 22 cents per mile.

The average Grubhub driver makes $12 per hour, according to ridester. This may vary in different cities. Drivers earn around 13 cents per minute spent on the road including wait times. Also, the tips are all yours.

Depending on if you meet a 100% attendance rate, you can qualify for guaranteed hourly rates.

Courier #3: DoorDash

The average salary of a DoorDash driver is $14.49/hour. This meets the national average!

The base pay depends on time, distance, and desirability of course. This will range between $2-10.

During peak hours, drivers tend to earn more on each delivery. As usual, tips are all yours.

Don’t forget!

Another thing to consider is that couriers are responsible for their self-employment taxes. And if any, they have to cover any non-medical expenses.

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