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Charlotte, NC

From Cleveland to Charlotte

Charlotte is the largest city located in the southwestern part of North Carolina. The city was named Charlotte in honor of King George II’s wife. Charlotte’s population is 842,051. Charlotte is the third largest growing city in the country. One of the factors that stimulate city growth is the affordability of housing prices. There are many tourists that visit the city every year to the above-mentioned factors. Besides affordable prices, the city has many attractive places that are really good motives to visit there. Here are some of them:

NASCAR Hall of FameThis is a great place for NASCAR fans. Here you can find historic race cars such as 1967 Chevelle, 1952 Hudson Hornet as well as 2008 Chevy Impala SS.
Carolinas Aviation MuseumIt is a home for both history followers as well as for techno-geeks with exhibits about the technology, history as well as the development of air travel.
Paramount’s CarowindsLooking for adventures? Paramount’s Carowinds also called the “Thrill Capital of the Southeast” offers several things to do with a roller-coaster, family diversions, as well water rides.
Discovery PlaceThose who are interested in science have a chance to feel, see and hear about it in the Discovery Place. Each exhibition includes hands-on participation which every age guest can enjoy.


Cleveland Car Transport will ship your vehicle to Charlotte

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