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Boston, MA

From Cleveland to Boston

No other city in the U.S. has as much history of the Revolutionary War period as Boston. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the U.S. Therefore it is not surprising that it became a journey trail both for Americans as well as for other visitors. They all visit the city when they want to get a sense of that culture. In addition, it is easy to navigate in Boston on foot since its major places are quite close. In addition, the T, the first subway system of America connects its main neighborhoods. Here are some of the most attractive places in Boston:

Freedom TrailThe three-mile Freedom Trail brings you past and into 16 major historic monuments and places of the city. It is very easy to follow, by the line of red bricks in the walkway and by roads at street crossings. 
Faneuil HallFaneuil Hall which is known as the “cradle of liberty,” was built in 1740-42. It is presented to the public as a market hall and is always accessible to the public.
Boston Common and Public Garden Swan BoatsIn this large green space, which is mostly used by locals, there are are different memorials and the Central Burying Ground of 1756. 
Beacon HillOne of Boston’s most charming neighborhoods right in the center of the city, the south side of Beacon Hill has been the home of Boston’s “old money” families. 
Harvard Square and Harvard Art MuseumsIt is the oldest foundation of higher education in the U.S. Besides, it is one of the world’s chief academic centers. 

Cleveland Car Transport in Boston

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