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Cleveland Further Prepares for Solar Eclipse on April 8

You are currently viewing Cleveland Further Prepares for Solar Eclipse on April 8
The solar eclipse is expected to draw a large crowd.
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Experts have been predicting a solar eclipse being visible in different parts of the United States on Monday, April 8th. Cleveland is one city in which the eclipse will be particularly visible, leading to an anticipated increase in tourism in Ohio for the event. Because of this, Cleveland officials and authorities have been working on forming plans to ensure that the city is properly prepared for the event itself and the draw it will have for others. Already many school districts in Ohio have announced that they will be closed, now we can expect the city to have some specific preparations as well.

City officials officially released their safety plans, which include a number of road closures.

Additionally, the Cleveland Division of Police and the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department are each working with each other and other local, state, and federal departments to prepare the streets accordingly. With the increased population of law enforcement, as well as the various road closures, officials are hopeful that they will keep the chaos to a minimum.

A number of highway entrances are going to be closed, as well as some streets. Specifically:

  • Route 2 Westbound ramps will be closed at I-90. The other ramps to the Shoreway will be open in both directions.
  • Alfred Lerner Way/Erieside will be closed from W 3rd to E 9th. There will still be access to the Great Lakes Science Center garage from W 3rd St.
  • E 9th North of Erieside will be closed; both sides of E 9th Street from Erieside to the cul-de-sac will be a food truck zone.
  • St. Clair and Lakeside will be a No Parking/No Stopping Zone from W 9th to E 9th.
  • W 3rd, W 6th, and W 9th will be No Parking/No Stopping zones North from Superior.
  • Huron and Prospect west of E 9th to Ontario will also be No Parking/No Stopping zones.
  • W 25th from the Shoreway to Lorain will be a No Parking/No Stopping zone.
  • W 25th from Clark to I-71 will be a No Parking/No Stopping zone. (hospital access)
  • Euclid Ave from Chester to Mayfield will be a No Parking/No Stopping zone. (hospital access)

Additionally, the city has established some parking restrictions. There are going to be more NO PARKING signs put up around the city to try and keep areas clear. Because of the increased foot traffic, Cleveland officials want to keep some areas clear of vehicle traffic.

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