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Cleveland Browns to Possibly Leave the City

You are currently viewing Cleveland Browns to Possibly Leave the City
Cleveland Browns Stadium may no longer be the home of the Cleveland Browns.
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The Cleveland based football team, the Cleveland Browns may be living the city limits and heading to the suburbs. Reports are being made that the owner of the team, Haslam Sports Group, has bought a plot of land of around 176 acres outside of the city. The land lies in the suburb, Brook Park, and people are theorizing that this land is to develop a new stadium for the team. This would mark the second time in the 78-year history of the team that they have lived outside of Cleveland city proper.

Haslam Sports Group is fronted by owner, Jimmy Haslam.

Allegedly, several Ohio real estate affiliated sources were able to reveal the group was behind the large land purchase but have not given any details revolving the purpose of the purchase. This is why all information at this time is purely speculative. However, the timing does align with the fact that the Brown’s lease at their current stadium, the Cleveland Browns Stadium, is set to end after they finish the 2028 football season.

While many are assuming the purchase is a guarantee that the Browns are leaving, others think it was a ploy in ongoing negotiations between Haslam Sports Group and Cleveland city officials. With the lease ending soon, there have been negotiations regarding renewal of the lease which include demands for renovation of the stadium, since the city owns the building. Some theorize that Haslam bought the 176 acres in Brook Park to aid in the negotiations and show that they have other options. Then, it also acts as a form of insurance since they will have the plot available to build on, should the city fail to meet their demands.

It is definitely at least a possibility that it will be a new stadium, given that the land meets stadium standards.

The requirements and standards to be a football stadium include being a level plot of at least 100 acres of land. Additionally, it has to have reliable transportation accessibility. Since the plot of land does surpass these requirements, it is extremely likely that these are the intentions. The land is perfect for a stadium given its history. It once was home to two different Ford Motor Company plants, neighboring one plant that still stands today.

Many wonder what this new possibility could mean. Some are excited at the prospect of this major project opening up new job opportunities, but others worry that this move will cause much harm to the Cleveland economy.

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