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Cleveland Browns Return For Practice Season

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Cleveland, OH – The Cleveland Browns are starting to pick up the pace after COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted on team practices.

The global sports industry has taken a massive blow to their finances. With games on delay or not happening at all, many are left wondering if the 2020 NFL season is going to start.

For the Cleveland Browns, it’s back to practice. The team is currently finishing its day 4 of training camp. It will continue its efforts for the season.

The typical training issues are back in full swing. RB Nick Chubb is out of practice after the 1st day of training. The Running Back has yet to return to practice as he has suffered a potential concussion.

The offense is looking great. With QB Baker Mayfield at the helm of the team, day 4 looks much better than their previous days. Heavy rain persisted through day 2 and 3 of training camp which failed to find a rhythm as a team.

Still Odell Beckham Jr. is ready to rock for the season.

While other teams have been starting their practices later than others, the Cleveland Browns look like they are ready for a great season!

Cleveland Browns Are In Better Shape Than Other Teams

For Florida teams such as the Buccaneers and Dolphins, training is a few weeks away, although they have been running limited practice days for their main players.

In other areas, like New York – the COVID-19 crisis is creating a gap between the start of the season and the amount of training their players can receive.

Throughout the country, sports have been similar issues. Both the MLS and the MLB are seeing a set back for their starting season. Its no wonder that the NFL is scrambling to get their teams ready for the season ahead.

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