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Charging Stations Hold Key To EV Emergence

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Charging stations across the country, let alone globally, are the main tipping point for the electric car revolution. In order for more consumers to make the shift, the availability of stations needs to increase.

Many consumers find it difficult to make the switch due to available charging stations in their areas. For many driving upwards of 15-20 miles to simply recharge their vehicle for another 40 minutes has been a deterring factor.

Charging Stations Vary By Brand

For companies like Tesla, their efforts have focused primarily on heavily populated areas. The largest of this focus is Southern California. Los Angeles, San Francisco and the greater metropolitan areas, have a much easier time accessing the resources necessary to live their lives. Unfortunately, rural areas across the country lack the levels of attention that more populated areas receive.

In many cases, one might purchase a Tesla to find the closest station to them is for CHAdeMO (the industry-standard charging outlet for Nissan, Toyota, and Honda). Fortunately for those who have purchased a Tesla, for an additional fee, you can have an adapter that will allow you to convert CHAdeMO to power your car.

For American electric car manufacturers like Ford and GM – they have been attempting to establish their own electric stations. CCS (Combined Charging System) is the forward approach to integrate electric into the ring of well-established ICE industry leaders.

Charging Anxiety

Anyone who has made the switch to an all-electric vehicle will tell you about charging anxiety.

Have you ever been on a long road-trip only to realize that you are low on fuel? Its easy to pull off on the next exit and get gas, but what if you are in a more rural area? The next gas station might be further away than you have in gas. Now take that same anxiety and make it a common occurrence (that is, of course, you’re on top of it).

That is how many feel when they make the switch. The potential to make a day of simply charging your car has led many to avoid making the switch till a more common service is available.

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