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Caution, Drivers! Reconstruction Work in Cleveland

Caution, Drivers!  Reconstruction Work in Cleveland
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Cleveland, Ohio—Cleveland has initiated a new program of street reconstruction and repaving on more than 80 side streets across the city’s neighborhood.

The project will start its work on September 24.

The reconstruction team will be working on Vine Court in the Hingetown area of Ohio City.

The geography of the project will encompass from West 32nd Street to West 29th Street.

A lot of work will be done according to the project plan. It will involve installing a new mainline sewer, removing failed bricks and replacing the pavement.

The project will create some inconveniences for the residents. During the project, residents will not be able to use their driveways and will have to park on nearby side streets.

Initially, the reconstruction work is supposed to last at least 60 days. On October 2 the full length of Corlett Avenue will face resurfacing work.

The street runs from East 116th Street by John Addams College and Career Academy to East 131st Street.

Due to the paving that will be conducted by phases, all abutting businesses will be accessible with one-lane traffic in each direction. Curbs, sidewalks, and ramps with Disabilities will be installed also.

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