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Boy Mayor At It For Election As The Mayor Once More

You are currently viewing Boy Mayor At It For Election As The Mayor Once More
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The former “Boy Mayor” Dennis Kucinich is thinking about running for mayor of the city once again. I think this comes from a sense of nostalgia and unhappiness with the way things are being run in the city. It was on Monday that Kucinich said he’s excited to take up the reigns again. “I am ready from day one to take the city in a new, upbeat, can-do direction.” That’s what the Boy Mayor said. Kucinich has decidedly pledged to bring in 400 more officers and an additional two helicopters. His statement regarding that makes note that felons of the violent variety won’t be able to escape, while being caught to face justice. Boy Mayor Kucinich is about 31 when they gave him the control to run a busy stateside metropolis. In that instance, he was the youngest ever.

Of course, that doesn’t make Boy Mayor the Best Mayor.

Through his two years in the seat of mayoral residency, Kucinich had been pretty ruthless to folks on his side. He axed the police chief on TV, death threats made him wear a bulletproof vest while pitching for the Cleveland Indians. Yet, there was nothing to do when a bunch of boos came from 75,000 baseball fans.

Kucinich happens to be older nowadays while also being a little wiser. And one could say the populism surrounding all of this may be representative of the image he upholds as a fighting force for the middle-class. Kucinich brought followers with “Dennis” covering his back. For the city’s accusations becomes usable against his existence. Kucinich is able to change his legacy if this time around, he leaves the city with no drama. The competitor Kevin Kelley has a huge amount of union support while also being strongarmed from the corporate community. Consider all of this when he has rallied major support. Politics are too crazy these days.

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